10 Ways Your Contribution Supports DAV Service Programs

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10 Ways Your Contribution Supports DAV Service Programs
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10 Ways Your Contribution
Will Support DAV Service Programs
National Service Program — With your generosity, the DAV stations highly-trained veterans' benefits experts all across the United States and Puerto Rico. Free of any charge, these DAV National Service Officers (NSOs) help disabled veterans cut through the bureaucracy and red tape that come with claims for government benefits. Last year, these DAV professionals helped nearly a quarter of a million veterans and family members to $3 billion in new and retroactive benefits.
Mobile Service Office Program — Your financial support enables these DAV professionals to travel to cities and rural towns distant from the organization's National Service Offices. Last year, the DAVs specially equipped Mobile Service Offices journeyed more than 125,000 miles, offering free NSO services to veterans and their families in 623 communities.
Transition Service Program — With our contributions, our youngest disabled veterans get essential benefits counseling and claims even before they leave military service. The DAV is there for them at more than 80 military separations centers.
Employment Program — Your gifts also support DAV work with government agencies, ensuring that disabled veterans get a fair and well-earned break in the job market.
Women Veterans Program — With your assistance, the DAV makes sure women veterans get the medical services and accommodations they need, including treatment of gender-specific conditions. You also support outreach programs for women veterans who become homeless.
Transportation Network Program — Combining your charitable gifts with the work of volunteer drivers, the DAV strives to make sure no disabled veteran is deprived of medical care because he or she can't find transportation to a VA medical facility. Last year DAV volunteers donated 1.8 million hours, providing 725,000 rides in vans purchased with charitable donations.
Voluntary Service Program — Your contributions help the DAV operate one of the most effective in-hospital volunteer initiatives in America. Last year, DAV volunteers donated 577,000 hours to veterans in VA medical centers and clinics. The value of their time exceeds $9.9 million.
Local & State Volunteerism — Your charitable gifts also help fund state and local initiatives for homeless vets, household assistance, and other pressing needs among veterans with a variety of disabilities.
Disaster Relief Program — With your contributions, the DAV provides disaster relief to disabled veterans and their families in times of need. Since the program's inception in 1968, $6.8 million has been disbursed — over $1,600,000 in 2005 alone.
Public Awareness Outreach Program — With your help, the DAV reaches out to disabled veterans who don't know about government programs and DAV services they've earned. Without this necessary program, many disabled veterans would never have contact with the DAV and get the help they need.









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