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Seemingly, Everyone Supports Our Troops

But, what does this mean besides giving "lip service"
and placing a magnetic ribbon on your vehicle?

Despite even the recent negative articles about Walter Reed Hospital and other snafus regarding veterans' care, it is easy to be believe from media coverage that returning wounded veterans are "all set."  There are the displays of the latest medical advances as well as vets participating in a sport despite their disability... even one vet jogging on carbon-fiber legs with the President.  In deed, this participation may be the case for some vets; still, it is not the same as "normal."  Moreover, it certainly is not the reality for all disabled veterans.

While some may argue issues about soldiering in an all volunteer defense force, there is no issue that loss needs to be fairly compensated.  After all, civilian workers have Workers' Compensation... and their work is a voluntary, too. 

Unfortunately, some war wounds literally defy compensation.

After the Bugles' mission is to make Americans aware of the true cost of  "sacrifice for country."  

When an individual takes the military oath, s/he gives up Constitutional Rights... therefore, inalenable rights provided by the Constitution. 

Warriors don't pick their fights,
they are deployed to them under orders.

You, personally, may disagree with the orders and the leader who gives them... but they cannot!  Into harm's way they must go.

When one volunteers for a tour of duty, one hopes, imagines, and prays that after that tour, his or her life will go back to normal.  Unfortunately, for many it does not.  In fact, their tour of duty remains a lifetime with a disability.

Spin it anyway one wants, that's a unbalanced sacrifice.

Most people think -- or at least would like to think --  that all vets automatically get benefits to cover their past and ongoing sacrifice.  This is NOT the always the case.  We recognize that this is uncomfortable to know; but, it is the truth.  For example:  There are still thousands of sailors fighting for medical coverage to address chronic illnesses  caused by the use of "Agent Orange" during the Vietnam War.  That war ended over three decades ago!

Now, let's get very uncomfortable.  Ask yourself...

What would be fair compensation for you and your family if you entered the service for a tour of duty and as a result of that tour you ended up blind and without an arm and both legs? 

What do you think would be the impact on your family and family life?

There are other questions... but these two will do...BECAUSE  THERE IS NO AMOUNT to answer the first questions and THERE IS NO KNOWING to answer the second.

If one is religious, one might pray that one's Almighty grants these people and families a special strength.  These are worthy prayers, but they are not always answered.  Just look around:
All manner of physical, emotional, and relationship wounds abound from war.

Therefore, if you really support the troops, you must hear about the disabled vets' needs for support long past the ruffles and flourishes announcing their return home.

Listen to the call of After the Bugles.