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DAV's Public Awareness Outreach To Veterans
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Help The DAV Reach Out to Disabled Vets
If you're a disabled veteran, or you know a veteran who might
need the DAV's help, please let the DAV know.

Help carry out the DAV mission.
Disabled veterans need to know all about the DAV' FREE SERVICES which are available to them.  Because concerned Americans who believe in the DAVs mission can do much to help the DAV reach out to veterans in need of help, the DAV's larger programs are listed below as a public service.  Please indicate in YOUR EMAIL  the programs about which you, or someone whom you know, would like additional information.
If you don't need this information now, bookmark this page for future reference.

Major DAV Help Programs
All are free of charge to veterans!
The DAV's National Service Program stations professional veteran's benefits experts in 86 offices across the United States and Puerto Rico. These National Service Officers (NSOs) provide a multitude of free services to veterans and their families. They assist clients in filing claims for VA compensation, pension and death benefits and many other programs. As one indication that there are many veterans who still need the DAVs help, DAV NSOs represented nearly 250,000 veterans and their families to help secure benefits last year alone.
DAV Disaster Relief is designed to help disabled veterans and their families affected by such disasters as floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other emergencies. We try to be on the spot when disaster strikes, but we need a hand from the community in order to locate all disabled vets who need our help.

The DAV Transportation Network provides sick and disabled veterans with transportation to and from VA hospitals and clinics across the nation. Last year alone, our volunteers worked 1.8 million hours and drove more than 27.4 million miles, providing more than 742,000 rides. If you're interested in this program, please indicate so in your email and we'll send information to you.  Also please indicate if you, or a veteran whom you know,  needs transportation to a VA medical facility... Or, if want to volunteer as a driver, please indicate so.

The DAV's Voluntary Service Programs resulted in donation of 600,000 hours of volunteer work to patients in VA hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics last year. Another million hours were contributed to veterans in non-VA medical facilities. If you know a vet who needs contact from the world outside the hospital walls, let us know, and we'll send you a roster of Voluntary Service Representatives at VA Medical facilities.
The DAVs National Service Program staff actively works to protect the employment rights veterans have earned, and to enhance their employment opportunities. The DAV is not an employment referral agency. But we can and do direct veterans and employers to the resources they need.
The DAV Specific Outreach Programs assist women veterans, Native American veterans, victims of post-traumatic stress disorder, homeless veterans, and other groups with unique problems.  It also hosts Veterans Informations Seminars to bring NSO services to veterans who live distant from DAV National Service Offices.  Most of this work is conducted as a part of the National Service Program, described above.
If you or a vet you know needs the DAV's kind of help, indicate in YOUR EMAIL.









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