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Today, It's Critical For Americans To Really
"Support Our Troops." 
  • We are at war; but the public has been told to "go about its business."
  • Our all-volunteer military has isolated the public from the angst of a draft. 
  • The medical, mental, and societal needs from this war are increasing.
  • Older veterans are in jeopardy of losing benefits due to current needs.
  • Legislative efforts need the boost of the outraged public's support.
  • Our nation is not stepping-up to the plate... and it is not the first time!
Death and casualties are not unintended consequences of war.
They are the very essence of war!
Yet despite the "proud" rhetoric of the nation, it otherwise allocates resources as if casualties -- immediate and long term -- are an unexpected result.
For these reasons, NOW is the time to act!
Our troops... past, present, and future... need everyone's support.
  • Via direct support to veteran.
  • Via political pressure spear-headed by personal involvement.
  • Via other veterans' groups, or quality charities supporting our troops.