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After The Bugles
Our mission is to assist veterans disabled by war.
We work directly to assist the fundraising efforts other non-profits organized to directly interface with veterans.
Our contribution is creativity, talents, and skills.
We have broad expertise in research, marketing,
media production and delivery, plus experience
in non-profits.
We think and interpret fundraising events
as producers.
We are an end-to-end resource
from concept... to testing... to production...
to distribution.
Laurence Eugene Babb      John David Sottile


Proven Production Expertise
  Feature films
  Sports & Personality Documentaries
  Pool of national production talent
Proven Research Expertise
  In depth survey and research
  Focus groups & street interviews
  Telephone & Fax survey
  Email survey
Proven Marketing Expertise
  Business/charities to Business
  Business/charities to Consumers
Proven Internet Expertise
  15 years on-line experience  
  Internet / website / email
  Streaming audio / video messages
Proven Non-profit  & Fundraising Experience
Board Member and Past President
  of two separate 501-c6 trade
After The Bugles
4 Yarmouth Road
Norwood, Massachusetts 02062
Eastern MA 781-367-6009
Western MA 413-442-2118

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