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After The Buglestm



After the "ruffles and flourishes" of drums and bugles providing a heartfelt

"Welcome Home" have faded, the wounded veteran is alone... possibly


    • feeling guilty about his/her being wounded…
    • having mixed emotions about for being away from his/her buddies…
    • experiencing flash-backs from his/her war experiences
    • being unknown to the local Veterans office, due to H.I.P.P.A... and
    • having a difficult time re-integrating his/her injured-self into a family, with friends, and -- if physically/mentally possible -- into a job.

Additionally,  for families and friends of severely wounded troops

and survivors of fallen heroes, life as once known is changed forever,

with sacrifices yet to be endured... most for a lifetime. 


After the bugles is a devestating time for far too many heroes,

plus their families, friends, and country!

Currently in Pre-Production
"Home of the Brave"
A documentary, which interweaves interviews and facts,
on the forgotten casualties of war -- the spouses and families
who are faced with mutiple re-adjustments
in roles, responsibilities, and feelings.



After The Bugles Organization's educational and charitable purposes are to assist veterans disabled by war, and survivors of fallen troops through public information and charity. 


We are addressing this problem through our crafts of
Motion Media and Telecommunication.

Through motion media, internet, electronic publishing, telecommunication, in-person and others events appropriate to our goal, we educate the public about the care, or the lack of care, provided to disabled veterans and survivors.

In this role, we are documentarians who seek the truth to present for public interpretation.  We are not a political action organization; we do not endorse candidates; and we do not sponsor legislation.  Through our efforts, we hope to inform and motivate citizens to become involved with the support of disabled veterans' / survivors care and benefits.

ON SITE EVENTS:  We are available to speak at public and private meetings, plus private charity events in our name.  Additionally, we make our information available by loan, to concerned people groups.

OFF-SITE EVENTS:  To After The Bugles, off-site educational events include the totality of the Internet:  Websites, individual and opt-in broadcast emails), digital audio / video streaming, publication downloads,, instant alerts on  topics related to our cause, and other online capabilities as they become available and accepted by the public.

PRODUCTIONS:  We are currently preparing for the creation of a documentary, " Home of the Brave - The Forgotten Casuaties of War" to be used both as a stand-alone message delivered through various media outlets.

PUBLICATIONS:  After The Bugles maintains a digital library resource, which is focused on survivors and disabled veterans, pending and future legislation, other veteran assistance groups, hotlines, and more, that are of interest to subscribers to our cause and who are on our email list.

WEBSITE:  We maintain this website where we post content appropriate to our purpose and also make appeals for sponsors.  The website features timely content, event announcements, guidance for volunteers, supporter and donors, contact information and links to other military and veteran organizations.

Laurence Eugene Babb      John David Sottile


A Non-Profit  Massachusetts Corporation
4 Yarmouth Road   Norwood, MA  02062
Eastern MA                       Western MA
Babb:  781-367-6009   or   Sottile: 413-442-2118
For further information email
2006 -> Present, After The Bugles Corporation