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Our research show that only 1% - 3% of public gives to veteran causes!


Typically people list colleges, medical causes close to  the donor, arts, youth, and others before mentioning “vets”  if they do, at all  -- other than buying a $1.00 Poppy.


We conducted interviews with people screened for being annual contributors to charities in the following cities:


Los Angeles  |  Santa Barbara  |  Columbus  |  Cleveland  Minneapolis  |  Newark  |  Omaha  |  Austin  |  Orlando Kansas City  |  Syracuse  |  Memphis  | Wilmington NC


Research shows that the American public…

1.  thinks that the federal government covers all the needs of disabled veterans...

2.  is confused about veterans organization -- VFW, American Legion  AmVets, DAV, VA, etc...

3.  has a poor image of veterans due to media coverage of homelessness, drugs, etc...

4.  is unaware of the plight of many disabled veterans and their families... and a whole, does not contribute much to veterans organizations as a % of total giving.


According to our research, if the American public knew the truth about the plight of the disabled veterans, they would become more involved in veteran causes.


The question is .“How to best remedy this situation?

We believe that the answer is a series of documentary leading to annual national telethon.


Documentaries Tell It As It is

Moving images move people.

First party narrations trump voice-overs.


Based on experience, we know 1) that the true picture of the disabled veteran’s situation cannot be told through print… 2) that the disabled veterans’ /survivors’ stories cannot be told through third persons… 3) the public must to see first-hand the true story and become involved.


The BEST WAY to accomplish this effectively is through a series of truthful, hard-hitting, emotional documentaries.


Once created, the documentaries will become the FOCAL POINT of the  national telethon the goals of which are to build  Awareness | Perception | Preference | Commitment to the support of our charitable veteran causes






 To conduct charitable and educational programs which benefit American veterans wounded in war or in preparation for war, and the families of fallen troops

 To directly and indirectly assist veterans, disabled by war, plus their dependents, and/or survivors of deceased troops;

 To facilitate the discovery of available care and assistance to veterans wounded in war and survivors

 To facilitate the public’s discovery of veterans’ charities, their purposes, ratings by charity watch groups, and support.

 To conduct other programs or exercise any power necessary, suitable, or desirable for the accomplishment of the foregoing purposes, including, without limitation, fundraising for the attainment of any objectives, or the furtherance of any lawful power.





After The Bugles has the broad expertise necessary

to work towards its vision and to fulfill its mission.


Production:  Feature films, sports & personality documentaries.  Plus a pool of production talent


Research: In depth survey and research.  Focus groups and street interviews.  Telephone & Fax surveys.


Marketing: Business/Charities to Business, Business/Charities to Consumers


Internet: Ten years of reaching out the new and future way.  Experience in Internet / website / email streaming audio/video.


Proven Non-profit & Fundraising Expertise





We accept donations / pledge payments  made

to the order of “After The Bugles” sent to our address.


For information regarding “kind” donations

please call us at 781-784-5262.



After The Bugles Organizations educational and charitable purposes are to assist veterans disabled by war, and survivors of fallen troops through public information and charity 


Through motion media, internet, electronic publishing, telecommunication, in-person and others events appropriate to our goal, we educate the public about the care, or the lack of care, provided to disabled veterans and survivors.


In this role, we are documentarians who seek the truth to present for public interpretation.  We are not a political action organization; we do not endorse candidates; and we do not sponsor legislation.  Through our efforts, we hope to inform and motivate citizens to become involved with the support of disabled veterans' / survivors care and benefits.


ON SITE EVENTS:  We are available to speak at public and private meetings, plus private charity events in our name. Additionally,  we make our information available by loan, to concerned people groups.


OFF-SITE EVENTS:  To After The Bugles, off-site educational events include the totality of the Internet:  Websites, individual and opt-in broadcast emails), digital audio / video streaming, publication downloads,, instant alerts on  topics related to our cause, and other online capabilities as they become available and accepted by the public.


PRODUCTIONS:  We are currently preparing for the creation of a 2008 documentary to be used both as a stand-alone message delivered through various media outlets plus included a telethon to be aired in the future.


PUBLICATIONS:  After The Bugles maintains a digital library resource, which is focused on survivors and disabled veterans, pending and future legislation, other veteran assistance groups, hotlines, and more, that are of interest to subscribers to our cause and who are on our email list.


WEBSITE:  We maintain a site, where we post content appropriate to out purpose and also make appeals for donations.  The website features timely content, event announcements, guidance for volunteers, supporter and donors, contact information and links to other military and veteran organizations / blogs / Internet groups / chat rooms / and webrings.