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Deliverables & Goals

of the

Documentary & Telethon Productions


To Educate, Motivate, And  Get People/Businesses To Donate!




Documentary:  Delivery 4-6 months after securing sponsorship.


It will be...

1) a fast-paced, scalable, production of 90 – 120 minutes which will delineate

            a) Veterans’ problems via interviews and day-in-the-life reality footage

            b) DAV mission including assisted vets, DAV leadership, on-the-street

                 interviews, statistics, etc.

2) a modular production which will support

        15/30/60/120 second PSAs,

        1-5 minute segments to show during the telethon

        5 minute online streaming segments...

        10-15 minute “luncheon” program segments... 

        40-60 minute TV segments (40 minutes w ads... 60 w/o ads)

        90-120 minute full production for theatrical release

        Others to be determined


Documentary Goal:  To use the power of documentary filmmaking to consistently deliver a modular, veterans’ and DAV’s message that can be deployed in various media without the need of an eloquent spokesperson to explain it.




Telethon:  Delivery no less than one year from the completion of sponsorship


We expect that...

1) the first annual telethon will be between 1-4 hours...

2) it will follow a typical telethon model of...

  • a popular, veteran-respected Master of Ceremonies,
  • segments from the documentary a la the video short, but in greater detail,
  • in-person veteran guest appearances reinforcing the message of the documentary,
  • in-person DAV leadership segments... goals... stats... legislative efforts, programs,
  • guest stars, political leaders, and entertainment,
  • walk-ons of people/corporate leaders making larger donation,
  • a bank of telephone operators – some on stage / others off, and perhaps, and
  • “live remotes” from Departments in time zones to accommodate donations.

Addtionally, we are exploring the use of Internet streaming to carry the telethon as well as to solicit donations through a trusted secured server.


Telethon Goals:  To use the broad reach of TV and the Internet...

  • to build a national awareness of the veterans’ plight in general...
  • to delineate the DAV’s broad, all-services, all-war, all-injuries mission...
  • to obtain donations to the DAV for additional/improved services to vets...
  • to encourage public involvement through local volunteer and political efforts.